Python Course Contents

Introduction:IntroductionWhy python?Installing Python and versionsInteractive mode, creating and running programsBlocks, Indentation, lines and commenting

Input/Output and assignment:PrintingInput strings and numbersVariable declaration and assignmentOperatorsExpression and Code evaluationError messages

Flow Control Loops and decision making:While loopFor loopif, elseexit, break

Built in Data-Types:Strings and charactersListsTuplesDictionariesFiles

Functions:Function declarationBasic functionPass by value

Error Handling:Except>Try, Except and raise exceptions

Basic Classes and instances:Defining a class, basic classInstanceClass DataProperties


Advanced Python Contents:

Classes and Objects detailed:Classes detailedConstructorsGeneratorsIteratorsDecorators

Regular Expressions:Defining regular expressionsCompiling regular expressionsUsing regular expressionsMatch and findExamples

Networking, DB and CGI:Networking, telnet and sshDatabase connectionBasic graphics

Parsing:Special purpose parsersWriting a recursive descent parser by handParsing command delimited linesParsing functionsParsing names, phone numbersXML parsing

Multithreading:Multithreading and examples

Logging and debugging again:Logging and debugging examples